Central Ohio Regional Healthcare Emergency Preparedness (RHEP) Coalition

The mission of the RHEP Coalition, an affiliate of COTS, is to create a state of readiness and response by promoting better outcomes through collaboration thus achieving quality healthcare delivery during a crisis.

What is the value of being a member of the Central Region Healthcare Coalition? Our Coalition Members improve their disaster readiness.

COTS aides our partners by providing:

  • Assistance in meeting accreditation standards and CMS emergency preparedness requirements
  • Better time management through access to regionally developed and maintained plans and tools
  • Access to a secure cloud-based disaster information management system for information sharing and situational awareness to assist agencies with planning and responding
  • Coordination of planning services that benefit healthcare facilities across our region
  • Facilitation of information-sharing so agencies can make informed decisions

Our Coalition Members have access to resources, trainings, and exercises, such as:

  • Collaborative exercises (tabletop, full scale)
  • Annual disaster Summit
  • Access to emergency preparedness caches

Our Coalition Members are part of a region-wide emergency response and recovery.

  • The COTS HIL will be a key partner in your organization’s response to and recovery from our next healthcare emergency.


 Our Coalition Members have a voice at the table.

  • Knowing that all emergencies begin locally and organizations will need to manage an emergency with their local partners before regional, state, or federal assets are called upon, the Central Region Coalition was built to include our partners at a local level.
  • Our local county coalitions feed into the regional coalition making the central Ohio region more than 250 members strong.                                               
  • Our coalition is only as strong as the weakest link. We need all agencies/organizations participating and preparing for the next emergency.
  • If your agency doesn't have a seat at the table, your voice and needs won’t be heard and you could be missing out on valuable resources.
  • Organizations can’t do it alone.

County Coalition Point of Contacts​​​​
Planning Resources for CMS Emergency Preparedness Regulation

For more information on joining your local healthcare coalition click the map below.