Various sources March 2020 - January 2022

Deployment of a Shared Alternative Care Site During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Sherri Kovach, MS, BSN, RN, EMT; Jackie Shaffer, MHA, BSN, RN; Gregg M. Gascon, PhD; Robert E. Falcone, MD, FACS

JEMS 8/20/2020

Join the Franklin County and Columbus Medical Reserve Corps
Franklin County and Columbus Medical Reserve Corps 11/18/2020

COTS Preparedness Coordination
NBC4i 1/06/2020

​​Central Ohio Launches New System to Treat Patients of Mass Casualty Events
Columbus Dispatch 11/12/2019

Franklin County to buy trauma kits for mass shootings, other violent attacks
Channel 10 11/13/2019

Preparing for the Worst
Columbus Monthly 12/2015

COTS Preparedness
Columbus Medical Association Foundation/Fall 2015 Newsletter


Central Ohio Hospitals Agree to a Diversion Plan
Janine E. Curcio, DO, and Natalie Ferretti, MD
EMSWORLD 11/2021

Noggle explains Columbus hospital transport plan
Circleville Herald 9/14/2021

Ambulance diversion program helps hospitals from being overrun with patients
NBC4 9/9/2021

As Hospitals Reach Capacity, Central Ohio Sees Summer of Citywide Diverts
WOSU 9/7/2021

COVID provides a new reason for ambulance diversion in Columbus
Business First 1/6/2021

Columbus ambulance diversion program activated as hospitals report ERs filled
Columbus Dispatch 1/5/2021

Collaboration: The Key to a Successful Patient Hand-off
Jamie Wilson, MBA-HCM, BSN, RN, Paramedic; Gregory Schando, DPN, MBA, RN, CCRN, CFRN, CNML, CMTE, EMTP; Ashish Panchal, MD, Phd; Sherri Kovach, MS, BSN, RN, EMT; Monica Treinish, MSN, RN; Laura Holden, MSN, RN, EMS CE-I; Vickie Graymire, MS, RN, CEN; Mark A. Huckaby, NRP, LP, Paramedic
JEMS 6/23/2020


Survey of U.S. Regional Trauma Organizations
Steven M. Steinberg, MD; Sherri Kovach, MS, BSN, RN, EMT; Robert E Falcone, MD, FACS
Journal of EMS 6/7/2022

When a bullet meets a child's body: Interview with a pediatric trauma surgeon
NBC4i 2/2/2021

Mount Carmel Trauma Center Headed to the Far East Side
Columbus Dispatch 8/8/2018